No, we do not accept unsolicited proposals.

First you need to submit a one page Letter of Inquiry.  Please only send the one page (no additional supporting material).

You must complete a Letter of Inquiry first.

We will consider on a case-by-case basis grants for projects, programs, general operating support, capacity building, and challenge grants. We are looking for strong leadership, community support, a defined need, active board participation and a good business plan.

We will not consider support in the form of loans or for individuals.

We will consider capital needs requests only for those organizations with whom we already have a relationship.

Yes, having multiple means of support is good.

No, you should wait for a reply from us.

There is no typical grant size.  Awards vary among our grantees and reflect, among other things, an organization’s size and need, a program’s degree of alignment with our funding priorities and our annual budget.

The Foundation will make multi-year commitments to a specific project or program. These decisions are made at the Foundation’s discretion after careful review and evaluation. The Foundation must have prior experience with this grantee.

There will be bi-annual reporting required.  Each reporting package will be defined with the specific organization.

The Foundation must approve any communication or online posting, in writing.

Applicants will be notified whether their request meets our basic criteria for funding. Those applicants that meet our criteria will be asked to submit a formal proposal.